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Mold Removal Experts

If a property has a water leak, flood, excess humidity, or poor ventilation, then mold has a good chance of taking hold and starting to grow. Left untreated, toxic mold will continue to spread and pose a health threat for the people who live or work in a building. Call Midpoint as soon as you notice signs of a mold problem so remediation can begin as soon as possible.

    Our experts can:
  • Assess the underlying cause of mold
  • Remove affected drywall, flooring, and insulation
  • Provide containment to protect the rest of the house during remediation
Not sure what you are dealing with?

Mold Warning Signs

Visible mold is a major indicator that a problem exists, but dangerous mold can also be growing behind walls; beneath flooring; and in basements, attics, or crawlspaces that could negatively affect the inhabitants of the property without being easily observed. If you see mold growing on walls, tile grout, windowsills, or in the basement, you should call a mold removal professional right away. Be on the lookout for signs of water damage as well, such as

  • Condensation on walls or windows
  • Bubbling, peeling, or cracking paint
  • Discolored stains on ceilings or floors
  • Musty or unpleasant odors


Our teams are certified in the latest methods of mold remediation, so we can provide fast, efficient, and safe mold removal services. Our thorough approach ensures that all of the mold is taken care of the first time, and our containment measures prevent it from spreading anywhere else in your home during the remediation process. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to make your home or business safe again.

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